You like kill the Nation. Learn people use weapons.

You like save nations. Teach them go to Theatre.  In my motherland started a war hysteria. Looking for non existing enemies. My old poor country like buy now weapons in enormous quantities. Creating a national guards. Celebrating militarism. Problem is nobody like attack my country. It’s to poor and already geopolitical position make it no more attractive to be conquered. Neighbouring countries completely control its economy so there is no reason to attack. Poland is no Ukraine. Ok. We can be second Ukraine when we continue settle American bases on our territory. But even that don’t make us a front country.

But lets say one day will come some enemy army. And as our new government like, we teach all our people to use weapons. Mans not woman’s as right wing government really hate woman’s. What will be happen with that people leaded with nationalistic propaganda. They will take AK-47 and start to fight. Problem is now in modern battlefield electronic is a queen.  Weapons worth millions. Deadly precious. Guys with AK-47 will not harm anybody from modern armies. Covered by remotely drones, tones of armour, satellites and ect. But that guys with AK-47 normally civils, with weapons in hands will be treated as a hazard to enemy army. So will be exterminated. All of them. As so much mans with weapons will go on streets will be exterminated. Already in Vietnam war millions of simple guys with rifles was killed by Americans. They won. But with big price and from that times armies achieved big progress. In Iraq millions are killed by US Army. Day by day. All partisans who like fight against enemy are exterminated by tanks, drones, fighters.

Surrender is not a shame. It’s a way to keep life. A most precious thing in life. Some nations understand that. Czechs surrender to Germans. Long time ago. They cannot win with much bigger country. But they survived as a nation. Because they went to theatres. We know Kafka, Hasek, Hrabal, Smetana, and other great Czech culture makers. They made works that make a significant footprint in world culture. They done it under Austrian or German rule. They achieved that all because don’t had stupid heroism. They didn’t fought for lost case. They build them own culture. Unfortunately government of Poland prefers make a beautiful suicide to all nation than make them survive in simply everyday work. Giving something to mankind.

Death for motherland is never beautiful. Death is just death. There is nothing beautiful.

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